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Pest control international service is dedicated to provide your business or residence with the most effective and ongoing pest management solution available. Pest control international service's unique and complete approach supports quality on-site supervision with an entire team of experts who develop and monitor your Integrated pest management solution.

Our Treatment shall be as follows:

Post Construction Treatment: We shall treat the infested areas with termiticide to eliminate the existing infestation and to prevent further termite attack. Chemical Barrier: Inside the Structure: To make a chemical barrier we shall drill 12mm holes, 5 inches deep inside the premises at the junction of wall & floor at every one foot interval& inject chemical emulsion into them by force to kill and repel termites. Thus forming a barrier which is impervious to termite entry. Treatment along External Perimeter: External perimeter of the building shall also be treated by way of rodding12mm diameter using a mild steel rod or drilling 12mm diameter holes at the depth of 5 inches at the same building floor level to make chemical barrier evenly both inside & outside of the structure. All drilled holes would be sealed after completion of treatment. Wood Treatment: We shall also apply wood preservative chemical termiticides to all wood work and wood based materials inside the site to eliminate existing termite infestation and to prevent the re-infestation of termite attack. Treatment of Electrical Fixtures: If infestation is found in electrical fixtures (like switch boxes on the wall) such they shall be removed and inside of such boxes, specified oil based termiticide will be applied. Cracks & Crevices Treatment: A general spray of termiticide shall be sprayed into all cracks & crevices, holes & joints and wherever necessary Our treatment is backed by a 3 Year Service Guarantee. In the event of any unlikely re-infestation of termites, we shall carryout necessary treatment to ensure the premises free of termites at no extra cost.


Pre Construction Anti-Termite Treatment is carried out from initial stages of construction. Our treatment is designed to create chemical barrier, between the soil and the building which repels termites. This specialized treatment is backed by a 5 years protective service warranty. Our treatment shall be carried out during various stages of construction as detailed below.


  •     For RCC framed structures, the treatment starts at depth of trenches below the ground level. From this depth the backfill around the column beams shall be treated with our termiticide soil poisons.
  •     The entire filled earth in the plinth area shall be treated with our termiticide soil poisons.
  •     At the external premises of the building also shall be applied termiticides soil poison by way of roading or trenching whichever is feasible.

Thus the building is protected against termites.

On completion of work,and final settlement of payment we shall send our 5 years service guarantee. In the event of any unlikely reinfestation of termites in the treated premises we shall carryout necessary treatment to ensure the premises free of termites at no extra cost.

Household Disinfestation Service

  •     Our Disinfestation service is effective against cockroaches, silverfish, booklice, lizards, red and black ants. Cockroaches are more than unsightly and damaging and they pose a genuine threat to public health. Disease organisms such as bacteria and protozoans which are responsible for food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhea, are carried by cockroaches.
  •     We will thoroughly spray possible hiding places, (eg. cracks and crevices, gaps behind stores and sinks, cupboard interiors, area around drains, rubbish bins, etc) and other places where pest reside.
  •     Also we carryout spot treatment for cockroaches. This treatment is based on the use of gel bait. i.e. Fipronil .0.01%
  •     Chemical we use: Fipronil & cyflothrin water based. 15ml/L – Environmentally friendly natural chemical

Rodent Control Measures:

  •     This treatment is for the Control/Eradicate rodents i.e. rats, mice, bandicoots on the facility.
  •     Rodents breed and harbour where there is food, water and shelter available. These conditions are abundant in every industry. They cause damage to our property and are carriers of diseases. The key to rodent control is environmental sanitation and good housekeeping.
  •     Food wastes should not be thrown indiscriminately into drains, into bulk bins or on the floor. They should always be thrown into covered bins lined with plastic bags.
  •     To control rodents. We shall fumigate the borrows outside of the campus, spray repellants at the external periphery, trap them, bait them and poison them to bring the population under control.
  •     Chemical we use: We shall place bait stations both indoor & outdoor to trap the rats.
  •     We place glue boards inside the premises. And we place poison (Bromodilone) at the outer periphery of the premises.

Spider Control Measures:

It is possible to keep your premises free of spiders. We have a treatment which consists of spraying of our specialized spider repellent chemicals towards the roof and the wall surfaces. The chemicals thus sprayed eradicate the existing infestation and prevent re-infestation. We request you to cover all sensitive equipment to avoid chemical drift. It is necessary for you to arrange to clean the cobwebs before our service


For the Control of Snakes, the outer surrounding the building and outside compound areas will be sprayed with our special formulation, to prevent the snakes entering inside, also repellent powders will be used to keep the snakes away. All Snakes dwelling will be sprayed with our repellent chemicals.

Mosquito Control Measures:

The common Mosquito species found in construction sites are AIDES and CULEX mosquitoes, which transmit dengue fever. Mosquitoes take about a week to reach the adult stage. They breed in any stagnant water collection. Control of mosquitoes requires frequent spraying on the sites. We shall also fog the outer surroundings with contact poison and repellants. Our chemical concentrate consists of contact poisons and residues which are highly toxic to Mosquitoes and less toxic to human beings


The house fly has shared man’s food and lived on his wastes and has also transmit diseases to him. It is observed that flies have the habit of feeding in marshy materials lying on the ground. They are generally attracted towards moisture gradients and fermenting organic matters. Hence, large numbers of flies are found in food, beverage and Hospital industries. To go about effective Fly control Measures, we request you to clean your garbage bins regularly and keep them closed. We shall spray insecticides, both indoors and outdoors.


Our Service consists of spraying the premises covered under the contract with our insecticides. This is followed by treating all the wood work in the premises with our special formulation of wood preservative chemicals to control the wood borers.

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